Are you smarter than Nephew Tommy?

24 lucky listeners will be randomly selected between July 6th and August 8th to test their trivia knowledge against Nephew Tommy! Participants and Nephew Tommy will each be given 60 seconds to correctly answer as many trivia questions as they can in the time limit.

If you beat Nephew Tommy, you’ll win a $100 cash gift card PLUS you’ll be given the chance to win the Grand Prize of $1,000,000 ( yes that’s $1 MILLION dollars!) if you can correctly guess our four (4) digit number in its exact order!

If Nephew Tommy knows more trivia than you, you’ll still win a $25 cash gift card.

You can’t play unless you register, so enter for your chance to win today!

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to legal US/DC residents, 18 and older. Sweepstakes ends at 11:59 p.m. ET August 7, 2018. A Grand Prize may or may not be awarded in this Sweepstakes; see Appendix A in the Official Rules for details. Grand Prize, if awarded, is paid as a $1,000,000 40 year annuity.

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  • Edward C.

    I would destroy nephew Tommy in any trivia or intelligence. The only thing Tommy knows is jokes. Stick to your day job. #TommysDumb

  • Gerald A.

    Hello blessings be unto each of you. Pray and hope all is well. Tommy you need Jesus, lol. Hope all is well. Every morning I’m listening to the show and find myself crying from all of the laughter. Many people need to tune in more because it is a lot of wisdom and knowledge coming from your team Steve.

  • Sharon S.

    Keep up the good work on the STEVE HARVEY MORNING SHOW,I love you guys

  • Anthony S.

    I really like Steves morning show, my wife and I was struggling financially every morning I wake up listening to your show and it helps me on my grind. I even got my wife and her co-workers listen to y’all when she’s at work over the satellite radio. Thank you for giving us both motivation to do we got to do

  • Octavia F.

    I just love the morning show. From start to finish I don’t miss a beat. All of you make my day go so much smoother while I’m listening to the foolishness. Much prayers to all of you. Keep up ther good work. Love each of you dearly